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30. Dezember 2007

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22. September 2007


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Series: Original (?)

Rating: Pg/Pg-13

Genre: ???

Warnings: Sheer WTFness.

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11. September 2007

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What is wrong with this nation as a whole? I mean it's only been six years this day since that event when the Twin Towers fell and so many lives were lost. Yet already people are expecting today to be like many other national days of remembrance. Kids at my school complaining and saying they should get this day off from school and adults expecting stores to have these "Holiday" deals.

When did we become so self centered that we can't even wait a decade before brushing this off as some history lesson in the book? Or just use such tragedies to further our own gain, no matter how insignificant or short lived?

Oh this is a day thousands of innocent people lost their lives...Let's go see of Popeye's is having some deal LOL!!!

It makes me sick that it was not just one or two people, but many of my customers tonight that expected us to give them this huge deal due to the date. MY GODS MAN. Do people not care anymore?

I mean I come home and when I look at my grandfather who bawls and says it was his fault because he was a dumb teenager during Vietnam, that if he had been smarter or something he could have saved those who died right in front of him. That he felt like a murderer when he returned when the war was over, how people spat at him and cursed him for doing what the Government asked of him. I sit there and bawl my eyes out every time he talks about such with those trying to help him with his PTSD. Remember beating up kids because before 9/11 many people still thought soldiers were dumb grunts and bullet catchers. I've even met adults before that incident who called me the daughter of a dirty murderer because my father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all soldiers.

Is this country so superficial that we change hats to suit us or our political ideals?

I mean I hate this war and believe we shouldn't have had it, but I still bust my ass to send care packages and help out on base when I visit my family in Germany.

I don't go around saying bestow gifts on me just because I have a long line of military in my family.

I just arrgh I'm going to go make some tea and rant at my grandmother on this shittiness.

2. September 2007

OC Field Medic Profile for DGM in 10rp comm with [info]matchstick

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Name: Christoph Jenkins, Doctor

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Blood type: O+

Occupation: Field Medic of the Black Order

Nationality: American, English immigrant parents.

Religion: Roman Catholic

Physical Description: At the height of 5'6 and the skinny frame of one who did not do much in terms of hard labor, but neglected meals in favor of studying. Thick lenses sit perched on his slightly crooked nose in large oval framed glasses that also obscure his brown eyes when they gain a glare from light. Pale brown hair that has gone prematurely gray in various streaks over his head is cut in a shaggy style that is practical when the few locks he missed when cutting his own hair tickle his nose.

Clothing: He normally is in traveled worn and durable, if a bit on the boring in color and ornament side, with the red cross stitched somewhere visible. He has a fondness for boots made from tanned leather and billowing rain slickers that swallow him whole.

Personality: Boring, befuddled, and a complete and utter space case of panic whenever he is close to the front lines.

History: Born in a well to do family that immigrated to America and managed to find a comfortable niche owning a lumberyard in the Mid-West. He first got a taste for the medical field when he was allowed to work for a family friend in organizing medical records. From there he began to read anything of a medical nature, at first to understand the words he was being made to use for his filing, and then because he wanted to help those with some of the illnesses he would read about daily.

Being a bit on the nontraditional side he began a career as a nurse to help pay for and familiarize himself as he worked on becoming a doctor. Which soon landed him in his first meeting with the Black Order and his fate in helping in his own way with the war they were waging.

A Finder finding him curled up in a ball whimpering and shaking, and if not for the fact he had emptied his bladder beforehand a need for a new pair of trousers. Despite his complete fear of the creatures known as Akuma he found his niche as a student doctor to a field medic and joined the ranks of the Black Order.

fragment from a conversation with [info]matchstick

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The Roman Catholic church has over 10,000 saints; yet only 109 people, 109 chosen by God, hand picked before the womb can use part of his powers.

And of many of them they are not realized by all to have such divine power. For it is the nature of human kind to shun that which they do not understand. Thus those who do God's work are oftentimes called Demons.

All children who showed potential at an early age were branded witch and many of those 109 children of God drowned, burned, and killed in other methods reserved for those with the satanic abilities of witchcraft...unless found and saved by those who bear the silver cross.

1. September 2007

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Work was actually like it was before my third month in. Granted it was probably due to it being day shift and the boss man being there so no one would act like a complete idiotic bastard for fear of losing job. So it was civil.

That and at the moment Cash Register: 2 Stephie and Drive Thru Headset: 0 as the fact I got stuck doing front and drive in the last hour of my shift as the front lobby girl got off at three and so TWICE my headset cord got caught in the cash drawer when I closed it after taking money and giving change. First time I got out on my own, second time we had to get keys to free me. Though I got revenge as I was not the only one this happened to. It was just my turn for such in the place. Damn cords seem tasty to the registers in the front area.

Mr. Skittles also scared the crap out of me at three a.m. when I finally gave up trying to sleep before my shift. Most don't know who Mr. Skittles is and only a few would have a good guess if they knew what swag I got at AFO and have for some reason read my retarded comic scripts for KH2. As I've had Mr. Skittles for a month now and just now found out he has glow in the dark eyes. I blame this on the fact that he's mostly buried under the covers most of the day thus doesn't see much light and yesterday he got a lot of light since I took him with me to school work.

I also met another Team Tiedoll fan at work during my break and we somehow spent my thirty minute break discussing how out of all the student teams of the Exorcists in DGM they would be the best to survive a zombie invasion. Deesha's death we both believe was unfair as he got jumped by Tiki and was by himself. So now I'm going to inflict the images that conversation brought into my mind on others and end this random post now.

31. August 2007

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Zombie mode is such a fun mode to be in when you're not allowed to plead insanity when you decide to bite some critically obese person who thinks they are emperor and you a lowly slave just because you're on the other side of the counter top from them. I work tomorrow morning/afternoon then I'm off until god knows when the schedule at Popeye's will be made and until Tuesday school wise.

To play a game that I'm currently stuck and/or add'd so much from the plot missions due to shiny side quests I have no clue where to go next, stare at the computer screen until someone gets on or, work on something fandom related. Hrmmmmm.

23. August 2007

I didn't know I had muscles there to hurt....

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Well my fandom life is growing smaller as my real life starts eating it away like a spiritual tapeworm of doom or some other such melodramatic saying one who abhors sunlight and bathing would say.

Now Thursdays are going to be filled with that thing many Americans don't like to do now a days. Starts with an E and involves lots of movement...Someone shoot me and tell me what possessed me to go every Thursday to do Belly Dancing and Zumba dancing. Someone...anyone...?

Now I'm going to stare into space, or read/watch some of my new swag due to a windfall of finding an old check I forgot to cash a couple of months ago and hope to every deity I won't be cursing existence come morning due to doing crap I have never done before in that thing known as rhythm I sorely lacked until recently due to DDR.

19. August 2007

random babble.

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School starts on Tuesday, for once I'm thanking all that is holy and unholy for such a thing as it means less work at Popeye's and more getting payed almost ten bucks an hour every month to pretty much take the money of children and exchange it for chips and drinks.

*buffs her imaginary pin of Snack Cart Ruler*

Thus I'll lose fandom time again, especially as I keep creating places here and I have to get some sleep with the new shiny pills and all. Hopefully my hours at Satan's chicken place will be reduced to dismal if my only job, but hurrah a bit of extra cash in the pocket time that it won't kill me too much once all this fangled meetings and certifications I still need are out of the way. *flails as she needs to find a CPR/AED certification class as that can help get her a nice shiny raise later on*

Of course as I have found a zen to keep me from buying a shotgun and killing all with my workload I have found shopping therapy does work, provided it is for things I like to browse for.

Once a month one of my piddly pocket change checks from Popeye's will go to splurgy and needed items, like work pants and DVDs.

My check for August has already been used and thus I must recount the swag as I didn't get any sort of swag at AFO outside of a dust sprite from Spirited Away that hangs on my mirror in the car, and a heartless plushy.


Volume One and Two of Hellsing Ultimate (Yes, just now, shut up)

Box Set of Loveless Anime

New Stonesour CD

Volume One of Rozen Maiden Manga

Volume One of Tactics Manga

Volume Two of Black Sun Silver Moon manga.

Gas for the blue hunk of junk that is my baby car.

Anyone have any idea if the Tactics Anime is done being subbed and released? I'm wanting to find the entire box set thus get it in one fell and cheaper swoop in September. I'm thinking of brushing up on my Kantarou for fic and rp purposes....not to mention at some point I want to infect the goodness of this series on certain people so they can squee with me and maybe one year cosplay from this as a group.

If it's not fully out yet I'll just buy what I can and watch like a hawk for the rest while collecting the manga which goes further story wise then the anime.

16. August 2007

WTF Popeye's!?

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Lovely Popeye's call me to all but demand I go work for a store that did not hire me without any compensation for the twenty miles of gas I must use just to get to that store. Work in a store I've never been in with people I've never worked with, and then drive back home and waste another forty bucks on gas you'll never repay me for? HAHAHAHA...NO.

Not only that but I know you're going to promote that bastard that has cursed out the nicest of the mangers just because he's so far up the hiring/firing managers ass he needs a five foot snorkel to breath. You can say he's not getting it until you help work on his attitude, but I know better or at least I'm cynical enough to call bullshit on that. If you thought he had such a problem to begin with why did you let him take the test for the promotion then?

Arrgh if I didn't need that extra paycheck so much and had no way to get a new job and still go visit people during holidays I'd quit.

I think I'm going to go make another cup of tea and stare into space until work again.

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I think there is some god that is attempting to kill me with my work schedules meshing the way they are. I know in that clinical part of the mind that it only seems such as because it's that insane pre start of school shindig and my Popeye's schedule is still going on summer basis. Next week it should calm down and hopefully allow me to not be a living zombie with feet that want to commit very bloody mutiny on the rest of me for doing twelve hours straight of standing, walking, lifting, pushing, pulling, and so forth that I do in my jobs.

I want tea but I think my feet would kill me to go to the kitchen. I'm going to try writing fic or something until they are ready to forgive me.

7. August 2007

Picture Post

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Pictures other took of me, Rits, and all those fun Twist peeps we were with.


A Rabi me and Rits adopted on Saturday for bit. When she wasn't trapped in line to get an autorgraph from Travis.

Another Allen cosplayer that we adopted the whole weekend.

Hey one of use

Our adopted Rabi again, resting

That's it for the moment.

I liiive~ Sorta, Kinda. (Con Report: General Overview)

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Hello all on this glorious Tuesday morning, provided you're not watching the fall of LJ and such. Currently I am stealing the use of Rits, aka Allen, aka [info]dancevdragon as she is getting clean. Due to a foul up on my end I shall be here until tomorrow morning. (Note to self: Call grandmother about this.) Well as I need a cord to upload my pics and such the full report will be when I am back home and pictures at a later date. When I get paid. So on to the report!

The Bad:

1. It was hot as everlasting fuck this weekend and pleather does not breathe, so I got to bake all weekend as I only had Kanda with me as Kabegami failed a stress test too late to be fixed. My wig was also baking me and was retarded as it was a cheapo Wal-Mart one, will get a better one later.

2. Travis had his birthday over the weekend. The miniskirt army was everywhere my instinct to run was going off left and right.

3. In personal taste of other conventions the place they had it in was a bit smallish for the amount of people they got and all.

4. No group photos or any sort of photoshoots happened. Partially the fault of the con not having a forum, partially the fault no one in our group got the drive to organise one in advance.

The Good:

1. Met many people from online and acted goofy with them.

2. We didn't spend hours trying to find eachother when I got off the plane as I feared as neither myself or Rits knew what the other looked like and were winging that part of the deal.

3. There were a butt load of excellent cosplays about. Sora and co especially were awesome.

4. Watched Rits get hugged by people as she was cosplaying Allen.


6. A lot of diverse events being held.

7. Good cheap food was readily found if one went out into normie land.

8. Rit's sister is insane and awesome.

9. We were not the only DGM people there.


There were a few things iffy about the con as only one event was attended the whole weekend and a few small downsides that can be overlooked as it is a small convention that hasn't had the time to grow and be like bigger cons in Texas and such. In a verdict we'd definitely will come back to this one next year and are already planning such.

Plots for next time:

1. Cosplay:

A. Kanda Yu (DGM) Fix wig

B. Genderbent Kanda (DGM AU) Modify or make a leather skirt to replace pants for Sat night.

C. Youji Sagan (Loveless) Anime first outfit(?), wig, ears(if wood ones don't look right and we go fuzzy) [Rits is going to be Natsuo Sagan~]

D. Military style Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist AU) Need wig, gloves, uniform, maybe gold contacts.

2. Save up and plan without the rental units helping

3. Help in making certain Rusty can go this time.

4. Plot with Rits and Rusty on coordinating cosplays

5. Make up things to do in hallways as a group

6. Save up to wander a few hours in Ripley's museum in costume with a group.

7. Figure out way to organize photoshoots

8. If seven fails normal way then make a forum for AFO and such.

I'm going to go hunt down pictures from now. More detail report by myself or Rits at a later date.

Stephie/Kanda/nekomugen signing out.

2. August 2007

Prompt 8 for ten themes comm

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Title: Injured thinking

Author: Sleepless Sword

Character/Pairing/Group: Allen Walker/ Yu Kanda

Word Count: 294

Rating: Pg/Pg-13

Summary: Sometimes you don't start to notice things until someone is bleeding all over you.

Disclaimer: I make no claim to owning any of the characters and settings within. This is done for entertainment only and no profit is being made from this.

Warning(s): Mention of blood(?)

The words )

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Title: Pondering and Waiting

Author/Artist: [info]sleeplesssword

Characters: Komui Li, focus on Allen, mention of Rinali Li

Rating: Pg to be safe

Warnings: Spoilerish of chapters in the 115-118 range.

Disclaimer/claimer(if needed): Not mines. No money being made from this. Purely entertainment

Notes: For [info]dancevdragon I hope it's alright, I'm a bit rusty on serious Komui so forgive that.

The words )
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